Twitter bios I don’t get

I am always appreciative of new Twitter followers, seriously, it’s great to have new people to talk to (at?). But, there are a lot of bots, spammers and scammers that follow me on a daily basis. I try to filter them out and certainly never follow back. Oftentimes I am confusled by the bios of new followers that speak volumes, just not in a language that I understand. I thought I’d share a few from recent converts to the @sciencebase timeline in case anyone can shed any light for me on what they actually mean:

“i am 19 years old im a cas lad and im a cas fan and i like jack walton on the x factor.i like nathan massey and justin and darly powell” – what’s cas?

“The Expert Analyst of World War 3.” – Thankfully it hasn’t happened yet

“anyone else smell toast?” – Nope

“likes all walks of life.. loves spexy ladies ;-)” – spexy, does that mean attractive and wearing glasses?

“always love n never hurt” – Easier said than done, unless he means something else

“help other’s” – other’s what?

“A self motivated salesman, single, son of the most high, a politician yet to open up.” – Hmmm, trying for a governmental version of The Apprentice?

“I Wanaaaaaa” – You wanaaaaaa what?

“I ain’t a doctor but I operate.” – Ewwww

“m a go geta fo life” – Yoof speeks innit?

“1234” – well you can count…a bit…or is that your PIN?

“Founder of a women appreal store.. loves to make people fashion concious” – Spellcheck your bio, mate

“I love Anchoring” – I’d rather not ask

“Science. Brap Brap” – Is this some kind of evidence “bassed” musical ref?

Of course, the bios I really don’t understand are the blank ones or the ones that give out an email address and a birthday…for pity’s sake people…

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.