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I’ve tried and tested every single tip and trick posted on the Sig Figs blog. I’ve had to! Almost every single one has been a solution to a particular problem I’ve had with my own browsing, blogging and everyday computer use. When you’re a self-employed freelance writer there is no inhouse IT department or SysOp to turn to.

So, out of necessity, I’ve worked out the solutions to the problems that I’ve faced over the years, or else got a tip or trick from a friend or acquaintance. Sometimes a fix is not so quick and comes only after a lot of searching and heartache. Once I’ve overcome whatever the problem is – moving from Blogspot to WordPress, speeding up Firefox, protecting myself from viruses, worms, phishing attacks, and malware – I blog about them here. This not only gives me a permanent searchable record of all those solutions, but opens them up to readers who may face the same problems.

Most of the top posts are the solutions to problems that seem to come up again and again for Sig Fig’s readers, including accessing banned sites, importing bookmarks into iGoogle, hacking Facebook, fixing WordPress, transferring from Blogspot to your own domain. If you cannot find a solution to your problem in this list, try the search box and don’t forget to subscribe to the tips and tricks newsfeed to keep up to date with my problems and how I fixed them!

It seems like a lot of you out there face many of the same problems. Sig Figs visitors are on the up and subscribers to the RSS feed have risen tenfold since I switched to WordPress early in 2007.