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  • ACTA watered down, thankfully – TorrentFreak is reporting that last-minutes changes to the international anti-piracy treaty, ACTA, that would have essentially stolen any privacy or personal security we thought we had is almost finalised and is not quite as horrible as initial drafts and leaks would have suggested. This wasn't merely about catching copyright thieves this was about mandating international powers above and beyond any single state that could have made life hell for anyone using the internet, which is pretty much everyone.
  • Facebook will soon allow you to “Download Your Information” – One aspect of using Facebook that has been a source of constant frustration to open source advocates and users who just want a back up of their data is that it was previously in breach of Facebook's T&Cs to download en masse your information (it was possible with various apps to varying degrees of success, but was liable to get you banned). Anyway, as of today, FB is rolling out a system that allows you to download your information. The upshot of this is that you could then import it into a Diaspora site
  • Disable ClearType font smoothing – While messing around trying to get Aerofoil to work and disabling and re-enabling Aero effects under Windows 7, somehow my laptop got ClearType. To my eyes ClearType looks blurred and I much prefer the unaliased screen fonts. This registry tweak switches off ClearType properly.
  • Eye, eye? – Open your eyes: Google Goggles now available on iPhone in Google Mobile App
  • Cyber threats need global response – Microsoft is calling for global collective defence on the internet to address the increasingly sophisticated online attacks from organised crime, sabotage, and terrorism.
  • 16 Facebook pages that will help you make a Facebook page – One of the biggest complaints about Facebook is that there isn’t good communication about new features, changes and privacy settings.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.