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<p>Technology news and views

  • Expat Shield – Like Hotspot Shield for users outside the US who want to access US-only content, Expat Shield is a free VPN that lets you access UK-only TV And radio from outside the UK. Obviously, the only legitimate use would be for a fully paid-up TV licence fee payer who just happens to be outside the UK temporarily. Yeah, of course.
  • How to recover accidentally deleted files – There are various ways to recover accidentally deleted files if they didn't appear in the recycle bin
  • What is encryption and how does it work? – SImple introduction to the process that allows you to buy that blue widget on ebay securely
  • Automatic SEO Links plugin for WordPress – Neat little plugin that allows you to link specific keywords across your site to particular pages, both internal and external either as dofollow or nofollow. So, for instance, if you want all mentions of the word "antivirus" to link to your blog's antivirus category, you simply add antivirus as a keyword and the category link. Excellent for building up internal links to important material, which is good for search engine ranking (hence the SEO in the name). You could also link all mentions you make of Facebook to your Facebook page or of twitter to your Twitter landing page. There are many possibilities. I am sure some of you are already thinking of how it might be useful for linking to affiliate outlets or for advertisers.
  • Amazon Kindle unofficially leaps the Great Firewall of China – For now the Amazon electronic book reader, which isn't officially available in China, allows you to browse to websites like Twitter and Facebook that are blocked by the Chinese authorities. The new use for the device will be shortlived though as the Chinese government will eventually catch up and block access from the Kindle's inbuilt browser.
  • Search inside files on Windows 7 – The Windows 7 search facility isn't bad, but AstroGrep (a sourceforge project) is so much better particularly if you want to find a file containing a specific piece of text, number, keyword, keyphrase or other string. As the name might suggest it's a version of the Unix command grep and it's nice and fast and accurate.