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  • How to transfer an iTunes library to a new directory or drive – Thank goodness there are bright people out there who can find ways around Apple's truly appalling attitude to freedom.
  • ShortForm widget lets users broadcast anywhere – Video curation startup ShortForm is unveiling a new feature that will let its users broadcast their video channels on their own personal blogs and other websites.
  • WordPress 3.1 Django brings streamlined blogging – WordPress 3.1 brings a raft of improvements to the platform, including a new linking workflow designed to make it easier to link to existing posts and pages, a new admin bar that provides one-click access to commonly used dashboard features from any section, and a streamlined writing interface that aims to be significantly less cluttered than in previous editions.
  • Remove Windows 7 SP1 backups to free up disk space – Did you update to Windows 7 operating system Service Pack 1 (SP1) yet? Service packs are installed with an option to uninstall them again, which is helpful if incompatibilities or stability issues occur after the system has been updated. But, once you're happy with the update here's how to delete the backed up files to free up space on your hard drive again.
  • 10 Tips for using new Facebook pages – Getting the most from the new Facebook page layouts. You can now change category, for instance!
  • Test site accessibility – Another tool for testing site accessibility for people with special requirements or special needs.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.