Facebook, phishing and fingerprints

These are my delicious links for May 19th through May 28th:

  • Check who’s calling home – Simple software to easily determine if a specific program on your computer is connecting to the Internet without your knowing.
  • Phish hooked – There’s a new type of phish in town and it exploits the tab feature in modern browsers
  • Google Secure Pro for Greasemonkey – Adds a little s to http:// when you visit Google sites, so making your data transfers secure using SSL. They should be updating soon to take advantage of the fact that Google Secure Search is now available as a beta tool
  • URLVoid scanner – Scans websites for viruses with multiple scanning engines
  • Build a better Facebook – Massive Facebook privacy changes are imminent, will it be enough to quash the mass exodus among the geekerati?
  • Facebook mulls privacy climbdown – Facebook is under pressure to address growing concerns about its users’ privacy
  • Your browser’s unique fingerprint – Panopticlick tells you how unique your computer looks through a connection to your browser. Forget cookies and Facebook privacy leaks, this is the key to identity theft, fraud, and worse still direct marketing! However, it occurs to me that you could randomize your “fingerprint” with each visit. Is there an addon or app that could do that yet? If not, someone should create one right now!