Superstitious? There’s an app for that – iWood

iWood AppHave you ever found yourself in difficult circumstances or expressing concerns out loud but without any arborially derived products nearby? Well, Italian developer, Legno, has come to the rescue with an iPhone app (no iPad version yet, I’m afraid) to help save you from misfortune.

The iWood app offers a pallet [sic] of colors, grains and for future haptic devices textures, that provide the perfect way to protect yourself from fate-tempting utterances. All the most popular lumber derivatives are available from oak, hazel and walnut to mahogany, ebony and for greater mobility there is balsa and “Balsa SE”. The special edition Balsa only provides protection up to ten times before you have to pay for a subscription. There is even a green option in iWood that offers users smooth pine from sustainable sources and $1 from each touch goes to Save the Friends of the Forests.

The iWood app integrates with all your favorite social media networks so you can send a tweet, add to your Facebook status, or post to LinkedIn simultaneously to let your contacts and followers know about all your misfortunes avoided.

Legno is also working on a 4lq app that connects your location-tracking service and GPS and lets you tell your friends where and when you found a four-leaf clover. The iRabbit app has been withdrawn for fear of offending those who prefer not to get wood. Also available from the app store via Legno’s partner company Spectro is iRainbowPot and Tetrahedro’s iPyramid. Both of these are high-gain multi-level marketing programs that promise untold riches for wise investors especially if used in conjunction with 4lq.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.