Solar-powered strap, non-profit Facebook, Windows 8

These are my delicious technology links for this week:

  • Solar-powered camera strap saves the day – I suspect this will find a market, but even on days where I’ve shot several hundred photos at an event, I’ve only just used up my main and spare batteries, and given that it’s the end of the day when you’re likely to run out of power just as the sun is setting…well you do the logic…
  • Facebook ebook for small non-profits – Like their page and get the Complete Facebook Guide for Small Non-Profits by Inbound Zombie, Kim explains it all.
  • Windows 8 plans leaked – Numerous details have been revealed about the “forthcoming” release of the Windows operating system currently known as Windows 8. I only just upgraded from XP to 7 and they’re teasing me with yet another version.
  • Google Me – Google is rumored to be readying to launch a Facebook with the fail name of called “Google Me”. But, what’s Orkut if it’s not Google’s social network and why doesn’t Google Buzz come to mind…
  • Facebook uses BitTorrent, and they love it – Facebook’s systems engineers are utilizing the file-sharing system known as Bit Torrent to spread server loads for distributing updates for users.
  • Anti-virus is a poor substitute for common sense – Antivirus software is like a seat-belt rather than armor plating and industrial strength airbags, if you’re going to drive over a cliff, you’re going to get hurt.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.