Playing Social Media Tag

playgroundAri Herzog has tagged me for the social media marketing meme, alongside such distinguished company as Max Gladwell, Jacob Morgan, Gillian Swart, and Kim Woodbridge. I’m honored to be asked, to say the least. Ari’s tip, the point of the meme, as it were, is what he described as best practice and can be distiled to a single word – Pause.

I take that to mean that before you rip forth in any social media context, you should simply reflect on what you’re actually going to say first, maybe hold off hitting the submit button for a moment, an hour, a day. The world will not stop turning if you don’t get “first” in the comments, after all. He might have also chosen Rewind, Shuffle, Fast-Forward, Random, Sample, Hold, but he didn’t he chose…pause. I almost started writing this post the moment Ari tagged me, but I took his advice to heart and held off for a few hours.

But, speaking of tag, seeing that word in this context took me back to the schoolyard and childhood games of tag, in which dozens of us would charge around desperately trying to tag those foolish enough not to be touching a “safe” wall or “safely” hanging from a climbing frame. At that age, there never were any pauses. But, school-age lessons came to mind [this is starting to sound like a sermon, Ed] when I started thinking about how to respond to this meme.

One of those lessons was not linked to any particular subject, mathematics, history, French, or whatever, but a life lesson that some of those rare flaming and trolling bloggers and browsers could do well to learn – Do to others what you’d have done to you. In other words, be nice. There is so much vitriol, extremism, and downright rudeness and bad manners in the real world, that we should each do our best to practice this maxim in the virtual world, in marketing, and all our activities. After all, even trolls and flamethrowers have feelings too.

So, in that spirit, I paused and now I’m repaying Ari’s kindness in tagging me for the social media marketing best practices project. It’s social media marketing best practice, after all.

Now, I have to ask myself, is it a kindness to tag other people to join the game, will they be safe dangling from the climbing frame, and will they pause before responding? So, here’s the call out to SpostareDuro, Wayne Smallman, Erica deWolf, ChemSpiderMan, Martin Brinkmann

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.