Social Media Best Practice

TwitterA while back I was tagged by Ari Herzog (cited below) to take part in a social media best practice meme. One of my fellow tagees, Kim Woodbridge of (Anti)Social Development took to the meme with gusto, even though by her own admission the deepest she has gone into social media is Twitter and marketing isn’t really her game at all. Anyway, thanks to Kim we now have a (hopefully) comprehensive list of links for those tagged who responded in kind:

I hope Kim doesn’t mind my snaffling her compilation of links like this, it’s there to share in the bestest sense of social media best practice, after all. Like her, however, I am not going to twist the list with my own spin and will simply let the bloggeries* speak for themselves. I hope by doing so I am living up to my own idiom – be nice – and that Kim, when she sees the trackback from this post will feel the same (I’m sure she will).

*bloggeries = a synonym for the term blog posts or posts as defined by bloggeries

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.