Sidenav support, what is it?

Some of the terms that people search for when reaching the Sciencetext site are intriguing. “Sidenav”. What’s that all about? GPS for sidecars? Railroad worker toolbelt fixings? Sidebar navigation on a blog? Or, perhaps they’re after information about the term as it relates to Google Project Hosting…I’m not sure. It could just be that it’s a commonly used CSS tag, but it’s not in this site’s cascading stylesheet. The blog and Google options are probably the most likely.

The thing is there are lots of visitors arriving in search of that term and I wanted to try and help them by providing some useful and informative content on the subject. Unfortunately, it’s not a term I’ve ever mentioned on Sciencetext, so not even sure how they’re hitting the site in their quest. It could be that they’re clicking the corrected sidebar terms and finding pages where I’ve written about that word. The thing is no one was searching for it on the site in 2012, but this month, dozens…

There’s a Google wiki page entitled SideNav, although Google search itself thinks I should be searching for sidebar not sidenav and brings up pages about sidebar navigation when it autocorrects and searches its database after an attempted “define sidenav” search.

Anyone got any better clues? What are people actually after when they search for “sidenav”?

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.