Saving time on your computer

Gizmodo points out that you, the user, are the the variable that often makes working with a computer less than efficient. Not a slow hard disk, not too little RAM, not even an out of date graphics driver. You!

They offer a stack of tips for shaving seconds and even minutes from regular computer tasks including a refresher on the Windows keyboard shortcuts that side step the need to move the mouse back and forth quite so much:

  • ALT + F4: Close the current window [save 1.3 seconds]
  • Windows Key or CTRL + ESC: Open start menu [save 1 second]
  • F5 or CTRL + R: Refresh web page [save 1 second]
  • CTRL + F: Find within document [save 3 seconds]
  • CTRL + D: Bookmark a web page [save 1.5 seconds]
  • CTRL + Left or Right Arrow: Jump forward or back one word [save 2 seconds]
  • CTRL + Up or Down: Jump up or down a paragraph only works in some programs [save 1.5 seconds]
  • CTRL + A: Select All [save 2 seconds per full page of text, save 17 seconds on an 8 page document]
  • CTRL + Shift + Arrow Key: Select Text [save 0.5 seconds over scrolling, but be more accurate]
  • F2: Rename file used primarily when browsing folders [save 2 seconds]
  • CTRL + S: Save hit this instinctively every few seconds when working on documents [save 1.4 seconds]
  • CTRL + C / CTRL + X / CTRL + V: Copy / Cut / Paste [save 1.5 seconds]
  • CTRL + Z / CTRL + Y: Undo / Redo [save 1.5 seconds at least, Ctrl+Z is a lifesaver sometimes]

    via 15 Ways to Make Yourself a Better Computer User.

    Author: David Bradley

    Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.