Refinder lets you search your team clouds

Refinder is a search tool to help you mine your team’s data and activities in the cloud. It integrates cloud apps like Twitter and Google Docs and the developers have just launched DropBox connectivity.

Refinder apparently lets teams easily filter and search their shared information. Files saved in Dropbox can now be integrated with data from other cloud applications, creating an integrated project view in Refinder. Teams can comment on files and attach tasks via Refinder.

“The integration of Dropbox is therefore a logical step in our plan to make Refinder into the tool of choice for keeping an overview on project activities,” explains Leo Sauermann, CEO of developers Gnowsis. I”n virtual folders, so-called ‘Collections’, the members of a project team collect all project-related data such as files, events, tasks, and notes.”

Refinder is currently in beta and although there is a free version that seems to be rather limited. Unfortunately, the company is yet to put pricing up for team/collaborative connectivity. Nevertheless, it seems like a promising idea. Could Refinder be the tool to fill the gaping wound left by the demise of Google Wave?

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.