Pay it Forward Tuesday

Freelance writer Deborag Ng came up with a great idea for her personal blog – Pay it Forward Tuesday! She posts a huge stack of freelance opportunities for fellow writers on her website on a regular basis, and also adds a ship load of tips for active freelancing and a hot pile of other good stuff too, as well as having some rather stylish graphics.

One of the smart moves Deborah’s made is to offer other writers the chance to promote themselves on her site in return for promoting someone else’s site on theirs. Now, that sounds like sending a mixed message, but I don’t think it actually is. It’s like a vibrant web ring with none of the puerile obligations of that very early 90s approach to social bookmarking, but it also side steps the cliche of the Web 2.0 reflective networking message.

So, here we are paying forward, it’s like payback without the negative connotations, and I’m offering up Alex King’s blog as a kind of tribute to Deborah’s blogophilic site. Alex has a pile of plugins for download as well as some blogging insights for bloggers hoping to boost their site traffic (needless to say, I’m using some of Alex’s plugins on this site and on my other sites) and saying the word blogger as often as I can!

Anyway, I asked Deborah to give me a better handle on this whole “pay-it-forward” concept and she said, “Here’s how it works. I plug your blog. You mention the whole pay it forward concept and plug someone else – try and encourage that person to pay it forward as well. The idea is to keep this thing going throughout the blogosphere.”

So, here I am plugging the idea, It’s good. It’s not Web 2.0 (thankfully). It’s not a static webring (even thankfullier). In fact, it’s a bunch of bloggers checking each other out and telling others to check the others out. And, that works. It means we get to learn about what real bloggers/writers are doing and share their secrets.

Oh, and Alex, if you fancy giving this whole concept a mention too, I might even click on that Paypal donate button a second time when I download the Share This update 🙂

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.