WolframAlpha gets all in your Facebook

I heard about this tool many years ago, but they recently updated it and now WolframAlpha can analyze your Facebook profile. It throws up lots of interesting data about how many photos you’ve posted, how many tags, likes and all that stuff. It also gives you a breakdown of the demographic of your circle of friends. It turns out that my friends Mike and Dek are well into their 100s (fake birthdays methinks!). There’s nobody I know on Facebook in their 90s, but I do have three friends who are genuinely in their 80s. Nice one!


By some weird coincidence 43% percent of my Facebook friends are in the UK and 43% in the US. A mere 3% in Canada, despite my being such a huge Rush fan. 2% in Australia (it is after all almost a quarter of a century since I last visited that fair land). 61% are male, 39% female and almost three-quarters are married. Most of them are in their late 30s to early 50s. The most common forenames among my FB friends are David (20 of them), Mark (16), John (13), Chris (12), Michael (11). I share at least 100 mutual friends with a couple of dozen people all of them science journalists/scientists. My wife, my mother and the best man at my wedding are among the top ten of my social connectors. It’s also interesting to see who among my friends likes/comments on my wall the most: Robert, Ian, Andrea, Jacob, Jo, Nicci, Steve, Nick, David, Georgie, Luis, Pat, Paul, Chip, Rhodri, Trish, Diane, Clifton, Kerion, Peter, Chris, Sarah, Vikki and others.

If you’d like to run your own analysis of yer Facebook on WolframAlpha, here’s the link, you do need to grant it permissions to access the guts of your account, but they’re trustworthy and you can always de-permission them afterwards.