The “Old” Button

Forget “likes”, +s and RTs. What we need is a new button that’s a bit like an inverted like button, a thumbsdown, but wrinkly with liver spots, that lets your friends know that you know the latest, trendy thing that they just liked is actually already really old and that you saw it way before them, at least 24 hours ago. It would be an “Old” button rather than a “like” button. You would “Old” their posts and updates when they share a news story from wayback when, two days ago or pass on that viral video you saw ages ago (last week) or repeat some campaign about commenting on where you all met and how nobody reads your Facebook page (that’s so, so, so last month). Well, here it is the “Old” button, early adopters of the world unite and starting “olding” your friends with a wrinkly thumbsdown.