The energy costs of ICT

Seven new ethical pillars of the information and communications technology (ICT) sphere that emerge from research published in IJIIM this month might also apply to any organisatio and to us as individuals:

1 Companies can ill-afford to ignore the adverse environmental impact of their energy use

2 Businesses must have a social conscience

3 Long-term sustainability and the needs of future generations must be kept in mind

4 Phrases such as “Clean Energy” and “Environmentally Friendly” must be more than marketing slogans

5 For true sustainability the divisions between different sectors of society must be removed

6 The rich are here to stay, they must be factored into plans for sustainability

7 Sustainability must be integrated into enhancing energy conservation

The team describes in detail their 360-degree Carbon Audit of the ICT industry using the Bow-Tie Diagram as a risk evaluation tool. From their study, they were able to map threats and consequences and so show how the industry’s carbon footprint might change depending on whether or not problems are addressed.

Iyer, E.K. and Rao, B. (2014) ‘A 360 degree carbon audit of the ICT industry’, Int. J. Intercultural Information Management, Vol. 4, Nos. 2/3, pp.158–182.