What your twitter bio says about you

I am endlessly fascinated by the stream of new followers on twitter. Many are scammers, some are spammers, others claim to be gurus (SEO, marketing, usually), some proclaim their love of some imaginery friend in the sky, others have bios that are just bizarre, full of typos, misconceptions and such. Here are a few of the more meaningless ones recently:

“i love frienship” – Just the concept?

“It’s really true. no body is not perfect lied the life before die.” – double negative

“bio”, “bio”, “bio” – nothing?

“man”, “male” – and?

“I am good job” – eh?

“simple…” – uhuh

“i am the genius in the world” – see “simple” above

“phychology” – Well, it’s an ology

“Undergragvate students”

“catchphrase” – That isn’t one

“m..coollll..”, “cool guy..!!!!!!!!!!” – Yeah, multiple exclamation marks and letters are way cool

“unsealed” – ?

“hfgvsffgfcsfgg”, “jfnunununcunud”, “cgc chghvvg” – finger slippage?

“Boy! I will be a great successful Superstar” – That’s unlikely

“I’m the time” – 10:44am

“complex mamal” – need an additional “m”, I think, but aren’t we all? There are no simple mammals

“busy working but enjoyable” – you’re enjoyable, says who?

Yeah, I know there are reasons why someone’s bio may not be perfect, but you know first impressions and all that, why not ask someone else to take a look before you click save? Too many, of course, don’t have a bio at all and are default “eggs”, they’re usually bots or scammers of some sort. I occasionally run TwitBlock to get rid of those en masse. I also tend to block people who say they will followback if I follow them, after they followed me…why would you? And, and, if your bio just points to your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or whatever, you can forget connecting.