Simple modern-day timesaver

I have discovered a simple trick that is so easy to implement it will leave you short of breath but raring to go and wondering why nobody has told you about it before. The trick costs nothing, will take mere seconds to implement and could change your life. Seriously, it will save you many hours of pointless, fruitless, soul-destroying hours of wasted time.

The trick will also reduce the power demands of the wireless chip in your smart phone, the CPU grind and cut down on your data plan overhead. The battery will last so much longer you won’t need to charge up the phone anywhere near as often as you currently do, leaving a little power for important and critical tasks that might need to be made at the end of the day, such as a phone call from the late train to let friends or family know you’re on your way home.

I know by now many of you will be clamouring for the revelation of this life-changing tip, this great saver of seconds…well, I did think about charging for it, but the world needs to know now. It could lead to a paradigm shift in attitudes in the developed world and save the developing world from making many of the same mistakes we in the “West” have made over the last few years. It might also allow us to re-engage our personal privacy and remove the constant need to be vigilant in our communications last “they” are spying on us.

OK. So, here’s the tumultuous tip, the paradigm shifter, the lifesaver. It’s so obvious, you’ll kick yourself, seriously…I’m telling you. Well, here it is…



Honestly, that’s all there is to it. Of course, you can extend the concept to all the other social media apps you really, really don’t need on your phone. And, even checking your phone for texts and emails…unless you’re waiting for a contact to get in touch imminently, just leave it shut. Make the calls you need, of course, check the time even (although…isn’t that what a watch is for!?), just regain control of your time…