Optimize your Twitter feed with Twylah


I discovered Twylah a few weeks ago. It’s a research tool that looks at what subjects are trending on your Twitter feed and creates a kind of paper.li clone but just for your hits. It’s a useful way to find out what subjects you are focusing on, perhaps without knowing it. Adam Dince also discovered Twylah and was given a shout out by the company recently for a neat trick you can do with a sub-domain on your website to create, with Twylah’s assistance a spiderable (and so SEO optimisable) round-up of your Twitter updates on your site.

Here’s Dince’s HowTo summarised:

First sign up with http://www.twylah.com.

Second, create a sub-domain on your website. Call it tweets.yourwebsitename.com (use the CNAME section on your hosting control panel).

Third, email customdomains@twylah.com to let them know you have created a sub-domain and give them your Twitter handle in the email so they can hook them together. It’ll probably take a day or two to be set up and working.

That’s all there is to getting things up and running but now you will want to link to your Twylah sub-domain and get it spidered by the search engines.

First, add a dofollow link from your homepage to for your sub-domain to tweets.yourwebsitename.com or grab a Twylah promotional button and link that to the same URL. I set up a sciencebase Twylah twitter trending sub-domain earlier this week at http://tweets.sciencebase.com and it was Googled overnight.

Second, add the link to your social network profiles – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc

Third, create an XML sitemap specific to your Twylah sub-domain and upload it to the root folder of your server.

Fourth, login to your Google Webmaster Tools account and add the sitemap URL. Do the same with your Bing WMT accoun. Meanwhile, add a line to your “robots.txt” file in your site’s root folder to point the search engines to the sitemap file.

Dince reckons after a couple of weeks you will have been fully spidered by Google to the tune of several hundred pages within your Twylah sub-domain – How To Optimize Your Twitter Feed with Twylah | AdamDince.com. Obviously, Twylah also gains from this, but it seems that if you’re tweets are otherwise wasted this is a good way to increase reach to the millions of people on the web who don’t actually use Twitter. Twylah is also hinting at a monetization system, and through Google Analytics (inbuilt) you can already track your Twylah traffic.