Oh no, not one of *those* Christmas letters

I was putting together a draft post listing a few of things I’ve been up to this year. An excuse really just to reminisce and to share some photos from my Imaging Storm photo blog and to link to the reports I wrote following conferences, lab visits and exhibitions. I was also going to mention (again) that I’d written a book and how it’d be on sale by the time the post appears and all that and that I’d written another song.

I showed the draft to my wife who said, “Ewww, it’s like one of those Round Robin Xmas letters you always complain about…” A barbed remark if ever there were one (see my photo for obvious visual pun). So, I’m keeping the post with all this year’s business and personal highlights password-protected and private. It’s drafted but unpublished…I can still reminisce about what has actually been quite a hectic year, not least because my wife and I celebrated so many years of happy marriage, and if my memory starts to fade, I can check back to that blog post in years to come provided I can still remember the password for it.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.