NGC Active 2.4 is a Hacker Tool

NGC Active 2.4 is a Hacker Tool! No it’s not! I thought it was for a moment. ZoneAlarm reported that there was a malicious piece of code residing in my Windows system32 folder going back the name of DartSecure2.dll and that it was a hacker tool that watches all your activity, and traces all FTP and Proxy server connections. It also logs e-mail and websites visited.

Well, initially the ZA alert put the wind up me…briefly. So I quarantined the file, as the program suggested. Then I did a quick search on NGC Active 2.4 only to discover from several legitimate sources that this file is similar to the winsock32.dll TCP/IP file and was used by software developers in iSpQ VideoChat and MLServer, for instance. More information on its use can be found on the Dart site.

It seems that ZA uses generic text to describe suspicious programs it finds on your system, so exactly the same text would obviously appear if there were a real “hacker”, or should that be “cracker” threat from a DLL (dynamic link library file). As one observer put it: “This library is about as much of a hacker tool as WSOCK32.DLL”.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.