52 of my favorite twitters, right now

In no particular order, a few of the people with whom I’ve chatted, tweeted, RT’ed, or #FF’ed in recent days. I hope they’re all equally worthy of a follow from you.

Airstrip One
Lefty treehugger and geek. Wannabe ultra runner and potential immortal.
Brooklyn, NY
Blogger, technophile, muse. Research assistant to Nate Silver, community manager of Wired.com’s HaitiRewired and Wired Science Blogs. Insomniac.
Des Moines, IA
I connect recruitment processes to EMPLOYMENT BRANDS using SOCIAL MEDIA. Also: Good Cook, Motorcyclist, INSURGENT, Father, HUSBAND, Iowan, Beer Drinker, Reader
When you’ll find out who I am, please drop me a note.
Debrecen, Hungary
Medical doctor, founder of Webicina.com, health 2.0 consultant, blogger; Second Life resident, Wikipedia administrator doing PhD in genetics
Melbourne, Australia
Blogger, controversialist, geek, science & ANZAAS. Melbourne. molecular biologist wannabe.
Chapel Hill NC
Science communication: blogging, publishing, teaching. Chief Editor and Community Manager of Scientific American science blogging network.
Königswinter, Germany
All things astronomy and space (and then some) – in tiny bits and pieces but mostly with links to more … 🙂
doctor in london, likes social media,beaches,patient-orientated evidence &shared decision making.Blogs Onmedica.com + BMJ http://bit.ly/2QqeUb [personal tweets]
The Netherlands
a Dutch psychiatrist working in a University hospital
Sorrento, Italy
Science director, Eurogene EU project
All Places
For when the facts are too confusing.
Vienna, Austria
been there, done that: Chemistry Informatics, Biomedicine.
Involved in Science, Scepticism, Agnotology, Epigenetics, Physics
Spanish-English. Video, Photography, etc. with a twist of humor, I don’t send Thank U DMs for following, rather Follow Back. don’t thank me, just tweet me nice
A celebration of British nerdishness to raise money for libel law reform. Watch our trailer http://youtu.be/wX-WLIO00Js
Cleveland, OH, USA
Web designer/strategist, social media and Web standards advocate with a penchant for writing & photography. Also visit: welcometosocialmedia.com
Los Angeles, CA
Jen-Luc Piquant is the faux-French avatar of science writer Jennifer Ouellette. Find her at Cocktail Party Physics!
London, UK
Senior Editor of the science magazine Nature Materials, blogger and freelance science writer. Views are my own.
London, United Kingdom
I’m a press officer for the RSC. I like science, technology, media, journalism, Mac, PC, iPhone, guitar, jazz, rock, comedy and miscellany.
Joost_E Joost Endeman
ÜT: 52.127995,5.03617
ICT Consultant
Born in Wiltshire, emigrated to Botswana. Now building stuff, raising a family, riding a bike and appreciating the simple things in life.
Wilmington, NC
Marine Biologist, Writer, Musician, Purveyor of the Spineless, Evangelist of Open Access
Just this guy, you know ?
Cambridge-based Voice Over Artist, own broadcast quality studio; add smooth jazz and swing vocals to my jazz band + chocolate/food = Lindsay 🙂
Science news covering top stories of the day in health, environment, animals, technology and space
Assistant Director of Science Outreach at COMPASS. I talk about oceans, fish, deep-sea, science journalism, communication, & behavior
just outside DC
Flasher, interactive health wordsmith, journo/reporter, health 2.0’er, women’s health advocate former N’Yorker gone DC, reveler, rebel.
luismartinMQ Luis Mori-Quiroz
East Lansing, Michigan
an ordinary human being/ with an unhurried natural rhythm/ who claims to be a music lover, beach fan and organic chemiKER
madgestar madge
East Yorkshire
astronut,atheist,skeptic,music loving,harp playing,all dancing,all singing,bookworm,married,mum & OU junky
Mountain View, Ca
Freelance scientific molecular evolutionary biological videographic NASA microgravitational & space education technologist, & Phish head.
San Diego
Cardiff, Wales
Open University Prof, education, technology, stuff
Associate Editor for Nature Chemistry; in real life, many other things
Honolulu, Hawaii
A marine scientist with an urge to write that turned into all kinds of things…
Curator geek into bones, stones and science
Freelance science communicator who studies, researches, strategises, writes, markets, in an atheistic, artistic, married, enthusiastic way….
Sustainability Manager, Chemistry Innovation; Trustee at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre; Vice-Chair SCI LNW Group
iPhone: 0.000000,0.000000
Political & policy wonkie / Advocate of health, education & social justice / Geekbird / Foodie / Culture addict. Opinions are mine – I don’t represent others.
San Diego, CA
Technology Prognosticator
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
eMarketing science, research, virtual worlds and fashion
University of Illinois-Urbana
University online science course creator, video science book reviewer, former international model who LOVES science!
No more Doctor Nice Guy!

Stand up for scientific research in the UK; defend public funding.

(Admin: @rpg7twit & @JennyRohn)

silverol Aline Silverol
SP, Brazil.
Geochemist. Work with alternative fertilizers, sustainable solutions in agriculture, phosphorus and organic matter. Love music, internet, papers and beer.
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Apps Tank.
SI Consultant
Broadband Networking Trend.
stuartcantrill Stuart Cantrill
Cambridge, UK
Editor, chemist, part-time writer, Apple disciple and Man Utd supporter. Views expressed here are my own & may not reflect those of any current employer.
33.973 -78.386
Astronomy, Space, Night Sky, Photography
ÜT: 39.750143,-104.989802
It takes time to get to know me but once you do, I’m a friend for life.
Dublin, Ireland
The Frog Blog aims to communicate science to all ages on topics from astronomy to zoology (A to Z). Similarly, our tweets cover these topics too! Enjoy!
I’m a guitar-playing psychiatrist interested in photography, science, ethics, and rationality. I consider my tweets eclectic 😉
Where did your biology begin?
Sigma Life Science is asking this question. @kristy3m is your Tweeter.
Futurist,Writer,Polytopia, Philosophy,Science

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Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.