Minimalist WordPress Theme

Minimalist themeHere’s a simple trick* for creating your very own minimalist WordPress themes, as discussed endlessly by Diggers. First, download and install your chosen theme from any of the various WordPress theme sites. Next, accidentally on purpose delete the themes image folder. View your blog with all of the theme’s original images missing.

That is what I did inadvertently when first installing the Ocadia theme a couple of years ago on another site. The end product, without the swirly duotone graphics of Ocadia was far nicer to my eye than the way the site should have looked.

This theme tip works with just about any theme, including the default and classic themes in a standard WordPress installation, although you may have to edit your CSS file a little to remove references to the images and prevent 404 errors. You should also check for text on the same color background, which will obviously be unreadable and potentially get you banned by Google as a blackhat site.

*Please don’t try this at home, unless you know what you’re doing. It worked for the site in question, but won’t work for everyone and could mess up your blog if you are not careful.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.