Making the Most of LinkedIn

linkedin loginIt’s been a while since I last wrote about LinkedIn. But rather than starting from scratch I thought I’d crib a recent post from Ari Herzog where he tells it like it T.I. is. Here is a modded version of his top ten tips for making the most of your LinkedIn login:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile – no one is interested in yesterday’s you
  2. Use colorful language, evocative keywords, and no marketing speak
  3. Write in first-person, not third – make it personal
  4. Include a picture and make it match your avatar on social media sites
  5. Join relevant groups and get active
  6. Ask questions AND answer questions – get involved, network
  7. Connect only to real contacts and not just anyone who asks
  8. Invite genuine connections not just random online “friends”
  9. Recommend your genuine connections and ask them to recommend you
  10. Read my LinkedIn profile, Google me, and send a personal invite

Incidentally, while I’m quite discerning on LinkedIn, because it’s more of a business and non-virtual friends networking tool, I’m quite the social media tart on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, and all those other web 2.0 social networking sites and will accept friendly approaches from all comers on those.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.