Google to Buy Twitter…Not

google-twitterUPDATE: Twitter is not negotiating a sale with Google, according to Kara Swisher. The AllThingsD journalist says acquisition talks are first touted by TechCrunch (see below) are inaccurate.

However, the two are in talks focused on “product-related discussions”, Swisher reports, which makes more sense and confirms my earlier post about Google and Twitter being in cahoots.

It came a day late to be an April Fool’s but rumors are trending across the twitterhood, on the blogosphere, and just plain in the news that Google is in late stage talks to acquire microblogging site Twitter for $250m cash, half what Facebook offered for the plugged in celebrity’s favouite web service.

twitter-googleTechCrunch claims it has confirmation from two independent sources close to the talks that a deal is imminent.

This ties in with my thoughts of a few days ago about cross-linked activity between Google SERPs and twitter changes. I tweeted how google and twitter were in cahooots well over a week ago.

There is quite a lot of discussion on Twitter itself regarding this putative acquisition, much of it simply retweets of the TechCrunch link and remarkably few expletives so far.

What such an assimilation will mean for millions of tweeps will remain to be seen, although you can get your bottom adword dollar that one thing that will certainly change is that Google will slap its AdSense program all over your tweets within weeks of the legal papers being deposited. Whether or not you see that as a good or a bad thing will depend on whether you think making money from your online output is a viable business model or a way to boost pocket money.

Old update: Yet another source says the acquisition discussions are still fairly early stage, and the two companies are also considering working together on a Google real time search engine.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.