Five Twitter Do’s and Five Twitter Don’ts

twitter-buttonIf you’re only a follower on Twitter, keeping up with the news, celebs, or interesting tweeps, then ignore this, it really won’t apply to you. But, if you use Twitter because you want to engage with other people, you still want to read the watercooler chat of celebs, everyday people and keep up with the news, but you also want to interact, then listen up:

Five twitter do’s and five twitter don’ts


  1. Do make sure you have an interesting bio
  2. Do provide a link to your blog, site, or extended profile
  3. Do change the default avatar once and once only.
  4. Do reply to genuine direct messages
  5. Do follow people back if they interest you


  1. Don’t follow hundreds of new people in one go
  2. Don’t retweet (RT) without giving credit to the original tweep
  3. Don’t follow me if you are following more than 500 tweeps but have zero followers yourself
  4. Don’t RT trending news, unless you have something to add
  5. Don’t ignore a genuine direct message (DM)

If you’ve taken those on board (and why shouldn’t you?) feel free to join me on twitter where I am @sciencebase.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.