Download Google Chrome

download-google-chromeYou can now download Google Chrome here. I initially thought it unlikely that their servers would bear up under the strain of millions of uber geeks clamoring to get their grubby paws on this apparently revolutionary new browser, but I was wrong, it download in less than a minute on 10Mbps cable broadband and is now running on my machine.

Ultimately, this download will close the loop on the internet and will, I suspect, lead the way to a Google operating system that will compete heavily with Microsoft. It will also, no doubt, end up with Google in antitrust disputes and arguing monopolies legislation across the US and Europe.

Interesting, that although news of Google Chrome was leaked on to the web on Labor Day (Google Chrome first mention here September 1) when a Google-authored comic strip was posted “inadvertently”, yeah accidentally on purpose more like…but the end-user license agreement (EULA) is dated August 15, 2008.

Meanwhile, some features as described by Google:

  • One box for everything – address bar autosuggests search and web pages.
  • Thumbnails of favorite pages instantly displayed
  • Shortcuts for your apps – this is where my notion of Chrome being a proto-OS kicks in…

    and of course,

  • The much vaunted (re IE8’s InPrivate) pr0n tab that leaves no trace of your single-handed browsing.

    Author: David Bradley

    Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.