Don’t get hooked by a Twitter phish

A spate of scammy, spammy emails have been arriving these last few days supposedly from Twitter. Googlemail has done a good job of filtering them straight to the trash, but just in case you spot one be warned, they’re out to get you.

Subject line will be something like this: “Twitter 253-35”

It will be addressed to you by email, as follows: “Hi,”

and go on to say:

Attention! We detected that someone was trying to steal your Twitter account password. We strongly recomended you to download our secure module to protect account! Please click on the link below:

Needless to say the link points to a malicious download of the kind that will steall all your bank details, wreck your Facebook account and maybe even kidnap your nearest and dearest, so don’t click it.

These phishing scams are obvious to most tech-savvy internet users, but very occasionally they can look so genuine that even the most well-informed technophile might be tempted to click their unsafe links in an unguarded moment. Just don’t do it. Practice safe surf.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.