Digging the New Digg Video

I’ve often criticized Digg.com, not least because of the inordinate amount of time it can waste on a daily basis, but more so because of its complete lack of features. Well, things have changed, hopefully for the better with the latest update to the site. Digg has now completely revamped its profiles system, which means it has morphed into something more akin to a social network (like MySpace, Facebook, etc). According to Digg Bigwigg Kevin Rose the updates “make it easy for you to share your favorite stories and discover new interesting content by seeing what your friends are digging. You can “Shout!” your friends, sending them an almost instantaneous message alerting them to something you Digg. “It’s also even easier to find and add friends on Digg.”

You can set your Digg account to notify you by email when certain things happen. For instance, you’ll get an email when someone adds you as a friend or when a story you submit becomes popular, read about a desperate attempt to get a Digg here. You can also use email addresses of your friends and contacts to find out whether the people you know are fellow Diggers. Go to your Privacy Settings to block your own address from such searches.

It all definitely sounds like a whole bunch of improvements, but you can rest assured that someone somewhere, is probably donning a black hat right now with a view to finding sneaky ways to game the system. I also think it just adds yet more excuses for getting nothing done.

A couple of other new features look interesting too. Story Suggest: this gives you real-time recommendations based on what you’ve dugg in the past. While Digg Images finally brings us a dedicated images section (with thumbnails), although that’s not due to appear till later in the year. But it will save those not looking for “amazing photos” the opportunity of avoiding them.

Apparently, there are more than fifty new features on Digg, five of them are highlighted in Rose’s video on his blog.

Digg video

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.