Cut the cr

I use a Google Chrome extension that replaces mentions of select words with items from a photostream. The default in this plugin,, is to show pix of kittehs, but I have it set to show guitars instead. It works to keep you sane during election campaigns when you’re using Facebook and Twitter and so the initial words were all related to recent events Stateside:

romney, obama, election, voting for, republican, democrat, ron paul, 47 percent, binders, debate, how messed up is this country, gaffe machine, mitt, barack, GOP, deficit, taxes, foreign policy, undecided, taxpayers, trickle down economics, reagan, terrorists, iraq, fiscal policy, the 1 percent, bain, government, white house, congress, senate, voting, fox news, fore fathers, constitution, amendment, libertarian, candidate, candidates, polling, debates, biden, paul ryan, akin, scott brown, elizabeth warren, abortion, romnesia, operation archangel, obamacare…

But, as the days go by, I see other stuff I’d rather not waste time seeing on these sites:

ipad mini, microsoft surface, windows phone 8, time line is out,,,, Top stories today via, thanksgiving,,, black friday, foursquare, nexus, surface RT, endomondo…

and then this week:


I can see this list getting very, very long. A related extension with the obvious name of Reader Filter for Google Chrome does something similar for your RSS subscriptions in Google Reader. If I had the skills, I’d merge these two into a new extension and extend the extension to cover all types of site…like AdBlock but not just for ads.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.