Click an Orange, Feed the World

Click an OrangeEver wondered what those little orange icons that litter blogs and websites are all about? If you have, where have you been, those little oranges are the key to the amazing world of newsfeeds.

With this post we’re launching Click an Orange Day with the slogan – Click an orange and feed the world, to help promote RSS newsfeeds across the globe and to squirt a little zest into your eyes from a succulent newsfeed.

Still not sure what RSS is? Never heard of a newsfeed? Well, Click an Orange Day will change all that. Put the date in your planner right now – September 9, 2007 (997).

Most bloggers know where they can stick their RSS! Right at the top in one of those orange buttons with the dot and the two curvy stripes, or with the label RSS or XML. To the rest of the world, there is usually no clue as to what that button does, where exactly a link will take you, or what you can get for free should you be brave enough to click that orange.

So, what is RSS?

Put simply, RSS, or really simple syndication, it is a great way to keep up to date with a website and most times you don’t even have to visit the site once you have the newsfeed address!


RSS iconsWherever you see one of those RSS newsfeed icons, they do come in different shapes and sizes and a range of colors, just click it and you will be taken into a whole new world of dynamically updated content from that site right in your browser, a standalone newsreader, or your iGoogle, My Yahoo! or Bloglines homepage. With a newsreader you get all the latest posts direct to your desktop without even having to visit the site!

You can even share posts, bookmark them, and comment on them, all without having to hit the Sciencebase site, just click the appropriate links in the newsfeed. Newsfeeds are an integral part of breaking news sites as well as mashups that allow you to create your own standalone newsfeeds by merging search results in Google and Yahoo and blending them with filtered newsfeeds from yet other sites.

Not got a newsreader installed?

Not to worry, modern browsers, such as Firefox and IE7 can take care of everything for you, displaying the RSS page as readable text rather than gobbledegook, when you click the orange item in the IE7 toolbar or the Firefox address box. These browsers give you the chance to subscribe in any of several different ways. If the site in question uses Feedburner to make their RSS newsfeed readable, then the choices are even more diverse and you get to subscribe anonymously entirely for free to the RSS newsfeed with just one or two clicks.

Subscribe with FirefoxIn Firefox, for example, follow these steps to subscribe to a feed while viewing a website

  1. Click the orange feed icon in the Firefox address bar
  2. Choose one of the options displayed – Subscribe to this feed using Live Bookmarks/Google Reader/Bloglines/My Yahoo
  3. Click Subscribe Now
  4. Follow any additional instructions
  5. Enjoy live updates to your favorite site

Subscribe with Google ReaderGoogle Reader, Bloglines, you My Yahoo! page, Newsgator, AOL, Rojo, Pageflakes, Technorati favorites, Netvibes, and many other services will be displayed that allow you to keep right up to date with your favorite sites.

So, now you know, are you going to join us on Click an Orange Day and grab a juicy newsfeed. Hopefully, you will spot the orange RSS newsfeed icon on this page, go on click it, you know you want to.

Want to help spread the word? Then cut and paste the following code on to your blog or site:

<a href="" title="Click an Orange"><img src="" border=0 alt="Click an Orange"></a>

This is how the code will look:

Click an Orange

Encourage your visitors to Click an Orange on September 9 and find out more about newsfeeds on Click an Orange Day. will be highlighting some of the great up and coming feeds, so if you’ve got one, tell me about it in the comments on this post, you never know, I might just subscribe to it!

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.