Boost Your Blog With an Expiring Domain Name

Expiring domain names

Some time ago, I discussed how to move from a system like Blogspot to your own web address and the option to do a 301 redirect from that Google-owned system to your blogger custom domain name. It’s definitely worth the effort, pagerank and backlinks eventually migrate and you end up with a stronger blog over which you have full control.

So, is the best approach simply to register an entirely new domain name for your blog? Not really, you could trawl the registrars for expired names but, to be honest, an expired domain name is not what you want…it’s just as bad as an entirely new domain name as search engine ranking, backlinks, and PR will all be lost once ownership is transferred.

Instead, what you need is a live domain name that is not being actively updated, one that has loads of backlinks, and a great pagerank. Grab the whois entry and email the owner with an offer to buy it from them.

That way you get an established base on which to build a new blog (or import your old Blogspot blog) rather than a site you are essentially starting from scratch.

The old Ryan Shamus site offered some advice on how to find an expiring domain name (as opposed to the expired domains of his title). It’s a useful starting point, there are literally millions of domains out there and a huge proportion of them are essentially dormant or abandoned cobweb sites ripe for the picking.

However, I’d suggest not using those lists or tools mentioned by Shamus to find sites that have a PR6 or above that are not being utilized or updated by their owners. Instead, search the niche you are working on and visit individual sites with names that look promising for the blog or site you aspire too. If a site is being held by a domain auctioneer, as in those listed by Shamus, there really is no guarantee that you will retain any of its rank when you purchase it, much better to go straight to the source.

I’d be very dubious of buying an expired domain or an expiring domain, as I said, PR and backlinks will not carry over on the owner transfer in most cases, especially for expired domains. It’s much better to find a site that is not being updated and contact the owner direct to bargain with them. It might take longer, but you’ll end up with something stronger.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.