Bacon-loving alcoholic zombie gurus

Most of the recent spammers on twitter seem to be multitalented and multitasking, their bios prove it. Among the skills they describe are things like:

Zombie practitioner/guru/fanatic

Alcohol/beer trailblazer

(Professional) bacon expert/enthusiast

TV Ninja/maven


General introvert/extravert

Food junkie

Coffee fanatic/aficionado/guru

Extreme student

Wannabe beer fanatic/guru

(Avid) Twitter aficionado/guru/fanatic/advocate


Hipster-friendly creator

Travel evangelist

The list goes on…it’s almost as if a bot has simply plucked phrases from genuine twitter bios and copy-pasted only the ones that mention bacon, alcohol and zombies and a few other random things. Each bio is, inevitably, accompanied by a photo of a reasonably attractive young woman. And each account undertakes endless tedious retweets of seemingly random noise from the twitter stream. Oh, and of course, their ratio of how many people the account follows to how many are following is spammily high. Their usernames are obviously bot generated. It’s odd. It’s obviously spam. Presumably, it’s from the same group of spammer/scammers given the overlap between “hobbies” and “career choices”. I report and block them all as such, but I wish they’d stop.



Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.