ACTA, phishing, security, and WordPress

These are my delicious links for July 9th through July 14th:

  • Pirate Party MEP forced to leave ACTA meeting – An elected member of the European parliament was squeezed out of an ACTA meeting, according to TorrentFreak. Surely, the secret negotiations surrounding this treaty are now beyond a joke…
  • Microsoft security updates, again – Microsoft today released software updates to fix at least five security vulnerabilities in computers running its Windows operating system and Office applications. Today also marks the planned end-of-life deadline for Windows XP Service Pack 2, a bundle of security updates and features that Microsoft first released in 2004.
  • “Getting Started With Microsoft Office 2010″ free eBook download – Personally, I don't plan to upgrade to Office 2010 as they ditched the precis/autosummarize mode that's present in earlier versions of Word and is so critical when writing for print and space-limited web pages and needing a quick way to get wordcount down to the commissioned number, but I'm sure there are many readers who can do without that feature so grab the free ebook.
  • Managing the WordPress archives with the Smart Archives Reloaded plugin – Sciencetext Tech Talk has taken Kim's advice and is now rendering the archives using this neat little plugin. Thanks Kim, much more functional and useful than the standard archives
  • Watch out for phishing attacks disguised as PDF reader updates – You keep your PDF reader up to date diligently, don't you? Well, malicious e-mail attacks that look like PDF reader updates have been increasing in volume since the middle of June, so if you're gullible and stupid take heed.

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Photographer and musician.