Sony hacked again, how come?

North Korea hacked Sony, “Un” threw a wobbly over a comedy film that lampoons him. Sheeyit, he is sooo insecure.

But, the real question we should be asking is why did this vast technological empire, Sony, I mean not North Korea, leave its systems so vulnerable to attack after the last time it was hacked (by Anonymous)? The PR and “spokesperson/scapegoat” cliche “lessons will be learned” is so fake, maybe they never even said that yet. But, lessons are never learned, by anyone. They just carry on as before paying lip service to criticism and avoiding any changes that might actually require effort…and more to the point…expense.

Conversely, as soon as the expert IT people at Sony (I assume there are some) saw the incoming hacking packets, why didn’t they hack back like they do in those puerile, multimillion dollar movies about hackers the likes of which Sony and others churns out to a gullible and believing public?