When I die and they lay me to rest…

“When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna find a friend in Facebook” — to paraphrase Norman Greenbaum’s classic 70s hit Spirit in the Sky. Apparently, the social media site is taking care of your online after life, now letting you choose (before you go) who your legacy contact should be.


It’s definitely worth assigning an post mortem contact for your page sooner rather than too later, because under certain jurisdictions accounts are legally bound to be frozen in the event of your summary departure. Before you tune up to meet the choir invisible, before you cease to be, long before you’re pushing up the days, when you’re no longer just “resting”, take care of your Facebook friends…

Unfortunately, the solution offered by Facebook doesn’t let you as the legacy contact meddle with the legacy contact, it’s really just about putting up a memorial page on the deceased’s page and making funeral arrangements and such. It’s probably best to actually just let your next of kin have your login details at some point before you die if you want them to be able to have full control of your Facebook account when you go to meet whatever spirit in the sky you’re hoping to meet.

Facebook Lets Users Choose a Legacy Contact.