WD 1TB My Passport Wireless

A neat package just arrived from Western Digital’s rep containing a one terabyte (1 TB) “My Passport” Wireless. Wi-Fi Mobile Storage with USB 3.0 and an SD slot. The company website tells me that I can connect up to eight devices via my Wi-Fi network (the packaging says five, but I assume the latest firmware has upped that number since printing), backup an SD card while out and about (the battery is long lasting – 6 hours (continuous video streaming) and 20 hours standby are claimed – which is a real boon when you’re traveling). There’s also the option to connect iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android tablets and phones and Amazon devices via the WD My Cloud mobile app. I’ve used conventional WD external hard drives before and they’ve always seemed reliable and fast so I have high hopes for this device too.


The sleek device is as typically unassuming as any external hard drive if a little thicker. There is a color-coded battery charge inowdicator on the front face and a wireless signal indicator. The upper edge has a power button, a WPS button to instantaneously connect to a wireless network and a USB 3.0 slot if you ever need a fast, wired connection and for charging the internal battery. On the left-hand side is a slot for an SD card.

Connection is as simple as switching on the device and opening it as a network connection on your device for local use then heading for http://mypassport in a web browser window if you’re accessing it from a computer rather than a mobile. Dashboard screen shows drive status, available space (and how much each time of media is taking up on the device). It also shows battery charge available and gives you access to all the expected admin type facilities for updating firmware, changing passwords, enabling FTP, locking the drive etc. I recommend enabling different passwords for wireless access to the device and to the admin panel.

Although the drive is 1 terabyte, there are a number of sample media files and video tutorials that eat up a little of the storage space, of course, these can be deleted to free up a few extra gigabytes as and when needed. I used them to test video and audio streaming…so far so good.