Google bullsh

<rant>Google is forever tweaking its algorithm and yes that is a euphemism. They penalise sites they consider to be spamming their SERPs with practices that supposedly break their self-created internet rules. They do all this purportedly to make search a better experience for users. The real reason, of course, is so they can sell ad space to companies. Google is fundamentally an advertising company not a search engine.

Bizarrely though one thing they could really do very easily that would significantly improve things for users without penalising legitimate websites is to filter out expired pages. I was searching for “small uk festivals east anglia” and the top result Google returned was a page with a listing of festivals for 2013. Totally effin useless Google! This happens a lot.

Get your act together Google and stop frustrating users and annoying webmasters. The sooner a Google killer comes along, the better if you ask me. It’s way past its sell-by-date as a useful internet tool. And, I really don’t care about their self-drive cars, which will ultimately turn out to be nothing more than a vehicle for delivering ads to drivers without causing accidents!</rant>