Why backup on the cloud?

Twitter buddy Jeremy was lamenting the fact that the manufacturer of his new PC with its 1 terabyte hard drive was urging him to sign up for its cloud storage service. He suggested it was pointless with all those bytes to fill with his home stuff it was never going to be needed.

I suggested that cloud storage gives him offsite backup of his files, but he suggested that made sense for businesses where mission-critical information might be lost, but he felt he’d have more to worry about if his house burned to the ground than his backup. Now, maybe I’m a neurotic paranoid or maybe I’m just a belt-and-braces [suspenders, US] guy with a sensible approach, but I save all my songs, snaps and science to external hard drives and update them every few weeks. One of those drives I leave with a relative in another village. I use DropBox for day-to-day syncing of files and often use its additional benefit of being able to retrieve earlier versions (previous edits etc) of documents, photos, sound files. I also do a regular sync of my archives to Copy.com

Backing up is easy, offsite backup isn’t difficult. If your PC is destroyed in a fire, stolen, or the hard drive simply fails, you might not imagine that it would be a great loss, now. But, when it happens, I can almost guarantee that you’ll be glad you backed up, those digital photos stretching back 10 or more years, all that music, those video clips of your fun days and such…? Tax files and other personal business documents (encrypted before backing up, of course), the list goes on. Do a cloud backup now, you know it makes sense Jeremy 😉